VIGNOBLE 192 - La Champagne aime Paris


Champagne announces a major new wine culture event for 2020

From 3 to 7 June 2020, the Trocadero gardens will host “Le Champagne aime Paris”, or “Champagne loves Paris”, a 6,000 m2 wine culture exhibition showcasing Champagne, both the region and its wines. The brainchild of Bertrand Trépo, a winegrower in the Marne, in conjunction with Aube winegrower Pierre-Eric Jolly, Olivier Gratiot a winegrower from Aisne and consultant Jean-Philippe Franqueville, the event aims to promote Champagne in a location to which 70,000 tourists throng every day, 80% of them from overseas.

Admission fee

Tickets will go on sale for €20 and will include a personalised Champagne flute, 3 tastings and access to a show. 80 winegrowers from across Champagne and 10 Champagne companies will be presenting their wines at the Trocadero and engaging with participants. A number of activities and information areas are planned, including a dome with a 15-minute dance show “revolving around bubbles” and a pop-up restaurant orchestrated by two prominent chefs, one from Paris – Yves Cambdeborde – the other from Champagne, Arnaud Lallement. The bar has been set high as the aim is to welcome 100,000 visitors to the inaugural event.